Video slots – online casino games with video bonus rounds

When video slots first when online in the mid-1990s, few could have imagined that someday internet casino games would overshadow their land-based counterparts in terms of popularity, technology, graphics and even payouts in some cases. Today, however, all the advantages inherent in gambling online are apparent in these fast-moving, often high-paying slots.

In traditional casinos, slot machines are by far the most popular game in the house. This fandom is shown no better than in today’s video slots, great-looking high-tech games continuously augmented with even sharper productions.

What are video slots, as opposed to other kinds of slots?

For our purposes here at Slots Direct, we’re defining “video slots” as those slot machine games online with video bonus rounds and/or use of the video element of the given game beyond mere display. Typically, these are five-reel games, but not always.

What other features do video slots have in common?

It’s very difficult to precisely define “video slots,” because five-reel games with accompanying graphic displays have become the norm in online casinos. The one-armed bandit of lore has long since been replaced by these high-tech games with 50, 100, 243 or even 1,024 paylines…

What are some good video slots games?

Yes, usually we’re game (so to speak) for this question, but video slots really run the gamut of the entire online casino genre, so we’d advise you to just look around for something appealing. You’ll certainly find something good.

Can I play video slots for free?

You sure can, and from right here, too.Slots Direct has compiled a catalogue of cutting-edge video slots for your enjoyment – and players may play all the games appearing here for free, allowing you to check out the latest in video slots gaming or merely to revisit an old favourite.

For some amazing casino action, peruse our list of video slots. These game productions are certain to impress with cutting-edge graphics, fast technology and big payouts. And with new video slots titles released weekly, you’ll want to visit again soon!

Can I play video slots for real money?

This can also be done from here. We highly recommend that players try a Slots Direct-approved partnering casino not only for the best bonus offers and all that, but to be assured of fair play and decent customer service, as certified by international auditors.  To play for real money at a reputable online casino website, simply choose a game you’d like to play, click on the anime or image, and choose the “real money” option when prompted. Within seconds, you’ll be playing for a chance at big winnings at a speedy-paying online casino!

You may feel safe and secure playing games hosted by Slots Direct, and all are accepting Canadian players. Discover the secret the traditional casinos don’t want you to know, namely that video slots just might be more fun.

Beyond animation and bonus rounds, other game features to look for in today’s video slots include expanding wild symbols and gamble features.
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