Is SlotsDirect a cookie monster? Don’t worry: Explaining safety measures

First things first: Please rest assured that SlotsDirect puts the privacy of our visitors as highest priority. Neither this site nor any party affiliated with it collects and/or manages personal data of individuals coming to this website.

At present, registration at SlotsDirect is not required for use, but should this be implemented, our software will protect all email addresses and other personal data (when required – rarely) from any other business or individual parties. Upon registering with SlotsDirect, each user’s email address and personal/informational data are kept completely confidentially and temporarily.
The wee bit of information collected and stored automatically during a user’s visit to is standard web server log data. Such data reveals absolutely no information of a personal nature, and this web server log data is sometimes employed by SlotsDirect in-house to analyze statistics and/or website activity.

When users of non-Apple technology visit SlotsDirect, some information may be stored on his/her computer as a cookie, which better personalizes the website for all users. Erasing extant cookies from or blocking the downloading of cookies to the user’s computer is easily done in most operating systems and most internet browsers give a warning when cookies are detected in the vicinity.

Curiosity and concern about cookies is cornered in this bit of SlotsDirect. Players can play, browse and read this website to their hearts’ content without fear of leaked information or identity poaching, guaranteed.
One more time: SlotsDirect pledges to protect all personal data that should somehow enter our system, and will not share will any private organizations or individuals.
Users want to know: Is my personal data safe on