The difference between 3-reel and 5-reel slots online (besides the obvious)

Which type of online slot game do you prefer? The classic-style fruit machine? Modern video slots with bonus round? Cutting-edge 3D games for that extra-dimensional feel? Or the potentially life-changing progressive jackpot slots? Whatever you dig, we’ve got it here.

Welcome to SlotsDirect’s page dedicated to online slot games. With thousands of slot titles out there at hundreds of internet casinos, this page can help you get started in making a wise choice of a new game to play or perhaps to assist in finding an old favourite.

Generally, online slot games can be divided into two types: Three-reel (also known as “fruit machines” or “classic slots”) and five-reel games. Within the latter category can be found evermore increasingly technologically advanced innovations, resulting in burgeoning subcategories such as video slots and 3D slots.

What are classic slots?

Classic slots are 3-reel online slot machine games that resemble the old one-armed bandit games of the golden Age of Las Vegas prior to the innovations to slots, i.e. adding those fourth and fifth reels, that swept casino land in the 1970s. Often – but not always – the symbols in these games are “fruit machine”-style, with some combination of cherries, bells, oranges, plums, BARs, etc., plus a motif unique to the given game.

Additionally, we can characterize classic slots as those which possess no true video bonus round; see directly below for more on these.

What are video slots?

Video slots represent the first advancement in online casino software, with these games typically featuring animated symbols and bonus rounds in which the player enters a second game screen and may be called upon to perform some task in a video game-like environment. 3D slots are a further evolution on video slots, with realistic effects garnered from software designers of MMPORG and online adventure games.

What are 3D slots?

3D slots are not in truth much different than other 5-reel games in playing style or objective, but are essentially defined by the graphic software. These slots employ special effects seen in 21st-century video games.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

Naturally, progressive jackpot slots continue their rise in popularity, with jackpots getting higher as well. These days, many progressive games fall under the “five-reel” category, but some classic-style progressive slots still exist.

What are the best progressive jackpot slots?

Among these games, Microgaming progressive jackpot slots tend to produce the biggest winners, and Playtech’s line of Marvel Comics progressive slots is quite popular – imagine that.

How can I play online slots?

Slots Direct hosts many online slots right here, so you can feel free to play free for as long as you like from right here. No downloads or registration are necessary to play free.

For real-money play, either select a bonus offer from our pages, click on a link to a Slots Direct-approved online casino website or choose a slot game followed by the ‘real money” option. Any of these choices will bring you to a casino accepting Canadian players.

Are these online casinos trustworthy?

All Slots Direct-partnered casinos have been quality-tested for fair play and customer service. Specifically speaking, each RNG (random number generator) employed by a given online casino to ensure randomization is audited by independent international software assessors. In order to ensure adequate security of information and protection of payment to the customer in what is an unregulated market, auditors such as the Canada-based Kahnawake Gaming Commission test and certify each casino outlet.

No matter what your game or where you’re from, you may enjoy great casino games safely and securely right here at Slots Direct!

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