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It’s our first name, so of course here at SlotsDirect, we’re absolutely devoted to online slot gaming itself and all that goes with it: The internet casino outlets, player bonuses and loyalty programs, software development, etc.

We seek to ensure players at SlotsDirect of a top-quality experience at fair and reputable online casinos, backed by the experience and knowledge of our staff. Every member of the SlotsDirect team boasts a CV containing years’ worth of credits run up in the internet gaming industry and together we’ve launched dozens of sites worldwide of all manner of online casino playing.

Many people read about online casino reports but never really get an idea who are the people behind the story itself. We as Canadians are very proud of our heritage and of course the team that’s works hard to provide the highest quality online slot game reviews. This tight-knit team works hard to provide new articles about the online gaming industry. And we’ll further introduce you to many of the newest slots and games, as well as the latest events from the social gamer industry itself. But besides that- here’s the creative team that writes all of those articles and reviews you find here.

Lead Editing by: Natalie Pare

Everyone who reads anything on this website may have wondered at some point- who’s running this show? If anyone, Natalie is one-heck-of-an-editor who insures the content presented meets the requirements that you’ve come to expect. You might imagine an editor to be real hard-boiled, but she has a way of getting everyone on the same track. Her ever-watchful eye holds all the information together with reports you will find all throughout this site define the look that defines Slots Direct Canada as a whole.

New casino product reviews by: Arnaud Pinette

Arnaud writes reviews for all sorts of slot games and apps, which are scattered all through our site. Thankfully you’ll always read many of his detailed articles keeping you well informed on the newest slot games or social apps which offer that classic Canadian theme we know so well. Incidentally, Arnaud is a huge fan of Hockey, so anytime you read about anything sports related, he’s written it here first.

Slot game reviews by: Henri Luanay

Henri is another member of the team who’s experience in online gaming reviews and writing is key to our site’s content. Previously he worked with many Canadian-based online casinos until we bumped into him at an online casino convention in Toronto. He’s responsible for writing many of the slot game reviews along with everything else that is played for fun here. You can be sure his reviews are always filled with helpful tips that improve your gaming fun and overall skills.

Online casino reports by: Guy Clement

Not necessarily the last member of the team- is none other than Guy, a professional journalist with just about 5 years of experience writing for web-based magazines which follow the online casino scene. If you’ve read any of the articles about developers and online casinos, that’s his handy work!

We want to give more of the Canadian feeling than any other online website dedicated to free info and free fun play slot games. So as a result the content on our website is always carefully selected and compiled to be as informative and entertaining as you could imagine. As usual there is always something we missed, and new products are always abound. Let us know what’s on your mind, we’re always curious what our readers and slot fans want to see here too.

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