A little advice on how to beat the system or at least give it a try

Just about anyone who pays a slot machine knows that slots are a game of chance. Absolutely no skill is involved, and any decision making is almost always purely cosmetic. (Possibly one could argue that old-fashioned fruit machine-style slots occasionally require the player to make judicious use of holds and nudges, but even these eventualities are hardly consequential or significant enough to build a strategy around.)

Yet “systems” for winning at slots are continuously posted online – and believed. Myths surrounding certain real-life slot machines or video poker games tell of pushing the SPIN or HOLD button just the right way and/or at the right time is a surefire way to win. And online slots like Book of Ra are supposedly eminently ripe for “hacking,” a doublespeak word for … well, something.

So look Slots Direct is here to inform you that there is exactly one (all right, maybe 1½) strategy for playing slots: Budget.

Can I beat the odds?

Look, it’s true that the only way your average, non-poker playing casino visitor is going to walk away (or log out in online casino lingo) with millions is by playing slots. However, these lucky folks are few and far between. But these odds are long: Payout percentages on online slots typically run from about 91% to 98%. (In fact, by playing online as opposed to in real-life casinos, you’re already increasing your odds; slot machines paying out at 75% are not uncommon in casinos outside of Las Vegas.)

This does not mean, however, that the average outcome has the player wagering a total of $100 and getting back $98 in wins. Those percentages are figured over the long-term, and one million-dollar jackpot makes up for *a lot* of losing spins by a lot of losing players.

So is there a proper strategy for beating slot machines? Not really.

Are there ways you to minimize losses and still have a good time playing?

Sure! All it takes is a little discipline.

Again, the secret to successfully enjoying the slots is budgeting, plain and simple. Plan out an amount you will spend, play it through, and that’s it. If you’re fortuitous enough to hit a sweet win in, say, the thousands, stash it! Either use the big win to supplement your bankroll for weeks and months to come or just take it out of the online casino account altogether.

Another good way to enjoy online slots without breaking the bank is in tournament play. Oodles of slots tournaments go down every day and some have a buy-in of $2; most can be entered for about $10. The larger competitions may run for a month and award hundreds of participants in a single tournament. This may be why slots tournaments are less frequently seen at online casinos these days; after all, it’s not in the casino operator’s interests for you to stretch that slot-playin’ dollar…

Though the big wins are out there and you’ll probably experience a few good adrenaline-rushing moments while playing online slots, on some days the luck just isn’t there, so don’t keep feeding the greedy slot machine. Come back when the luck returns to you.

And please, whatever you do, do not believe anyone who claims he/she has a system for slots. Trust Slots Direct when we say such systems simply don’t exist. 

Keep your hands on your virtual money and play online slots responsibly. The best way to start: Check out the tips SlotsDirect provides above.
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