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Welcome to SlotsDirect, a website seeking to serve Canada’s longtime and new online slot game players with an extensive collection of playable games plus up-to-date information about the latest game releases. Check our pages for all the best in online casino games.

In terms of gaming, SlotsDirect offers all kinds of slots, including classic one-reel games, graphically enhanced video slots, 3D slots, and progressive jackpot games. In addition, SlotsDirect also provides several versions of classic casino games including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc., from top-quality software creators large and small. The SlotDirect gaming catalogue includes games by Microgaming, Playtech, Vegas Technology, OpenBet, Net Entertainment and more.

Beyond our game offerings, the player may also find information on game types and strategies, plus news of proper online casinos accepting Canadian customers and the newest slot games.

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Latest roulette games - October 2020

Slots Direct is a host of the latest, greatest, biggest and most popular online slot machine games, with specific attention paid to Canadian players. On Slots Direct, newcomers and seasoned slots players, casual and serious gamers can find something to enjoy playing from our extensive casino game catalogue.

The trademark feature of Slots Free is our extensive collection of free-play online slot games. For those who enjoy a particular type of slot game, we direct you to our specialty sections devoted to video slots, 3D slots, classic slots and progressive jackpot slots. And everything we host is 100% free play with no deposit needed and no downloads necessary. Whether you’ve arrived here via tablet, cell phone, laptop or PC, you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds and hundreds of slots games immediately from wherever you are!

Naturally, many Canadian players arrive at Slots Free to win real money. These players should feel free to check out our partner casinos and to please note our list of casino bonuses offered by these outlets. Every player should get a welcome bonus when signing up at a new casino, and you can bet (sorry) that our partnering casinos do so. We’ve got list of great bonuses for Canadian players spread throughout the Slots Direct site.

The online casino/gambling industry seems to have one constant: constant change in gambling laws internationally, nationally and down to legislative framework in every country. And with Canada’s provincial governments getting in on the action, how are Canadian players affected? Well, we’ve got you covered at Slots Direct: All casino websites linked to on Slots Direct are accepting Canadian players; no need to look up gambling laws at all!

Speaking of the casino websites on Slots Direct, please note that each has been quality tested by an independent international auditing body. Several of these in turn are approved by various national (or, in the case of the Khanawake Gaming Commission, tribal) governments for security of payment and free play.

Beyond this, Slots Direct staff also perform their own quality checks on any casino we’re willing to call partners in providing slots games to Canadians. We check for reliability, customer service and speed in payment processing.

For the player new to slots online, we can help you out with pages devoted to how to bet on online slots and choosing an online casino. We hope to assist you in your search here; for some general guidelines, check out our “strategy and tips” page. “Can there really be tips for slots players?” you may ask. In short, we can say yes, but they’re probably not what you expect. No scams or pie-in-the-sky promises here.  

Please peruse the pages of Slots Direct to your liking; we are confident that you will like what you see. Good luck to you and be sure to bookmark this page, as nearly every day brings something new in slots games to the online casino world.

SlotsDirect includes a nice (if we say so ourselves) catalogue of absolutely free-to-play slot games collected from top-quality online casinos and software producers. Beyond this is lots of information about gaming in general and casinos accepting Canadian players specifically.

Those many enjoying greater and greater liberalization in individual freedom vis-à-vis online gaming in Canada are welcome to SlotsDirect, a site devoted to virtual versions of the one-armed bandits we all know and love so much: ah, online slots…
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