25-payline Evolution another peach in Net Entertainment online casino catalogue

This online slot game from Net Entertainment symbolizes nothing less than the end result of four billion years’ worth of natural processes – creationist types may stop reading now by the way – and the present day is one of huge 100x bet multiplier bonuses and cutting-edge special effects … at least in their Evolution online slot game.

Evolution 5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

True enough, a bio-philosophical concept would hardly appear to be viable fodder on which to fuel an online slot game, but those clever NetEnt programmers have certainly created a fascinating design and compelling gameplay in Evolution. The milieu is some sort of pleasing blue neo-primordial soup; substituting for stuff like, say, cherries and BARs are original little simpler lifeforms such as “bestia denta” and “primo blobuli.”

The wild and scatter symbols work as is typical; three scatters landing on a single spin trigger the free spins bonus round, wherein things get really evolutionary. Up to 20 free spins may be won with a crazy 100x bet multiplier; after every winning spin, the paying-out symbols “evolve,” morphing into higher-value symbols. After a few spins, winnings increase as one or two lifeforms dominate the character set.
So change with the times, online casino players: Try Evolution and get advanced.

Software: NetEnt

Trawling through Charlie Darwin’s treatises was never this much fun … for an exciting casino gaming experience, enjoy four billion years of science in motion while playing the Evolution slot. Excellent graphics and sound are just the beginning; look out for one of the best free spins bonus rounds anywhere as well!
From single-celled protoplasm to … jackpot bonuses online? That seems to be the punchline of NetEnt’s online slot game Evolution. Big wins against an attractive backdrop with a scientific theme will follow.
Charles Darwin gets the online slot treatment in NetEnt’s Evolution