Learn about the generous bonuses for playing at the online casinos

These days, nearly every deposit at an online casino should get a little extra money added on in the form of a casino bonus.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is extra playing money given to a customer by an online casino upon deposit. Casino bonuses may be awarded multiple times or just once; typically these are based on the size of deposit and the casino typically limits the maximum reward. Nearly all types of casino bonus may be described as one of the following eight: welcome, free-play, high-roller, deposit, no-deposit, cashback, referral, and special – to cash in for more today.

How can you describe these casino bonuses?

Welcome bonuses, which are given to the player with first deposit after registering with the online casino. Almost every gambling website offers at least one of these bonuses and they are frequently touted as “100% bonuses,” but there are limits.

Free play bonuses are most commonly seen with initial deposit as well. A casino offering a free play bonus typically gives away a number of free spins on a specific game or even the entire catalogue of casino games.

No-deposit bonuses are becoming rarer but some online casinos still offer somewhere between $7 and $20 in free play for VIP customers or first-time depositors.

Deposit bonuses are the most common online casino bonuses after the welcome bonus and may vary in match amount and maximum deposit.

High-roller bonuses award bigger-budgeted of players with a higher percentage match on casino bonuses. Some welcome bonus offers are also targeted at high-rollers.

Cashback bonuses are for regular players at some online casinos which return a certain proportion of players’ losses at the end of the week or month.

Referral bonuses are given by many online casinos to players who recommend the site to friends. If the referral makes a deposit with the casino, the player will be credited an amount usually between $20 and $100.

Special bonuses are everything not covered in the above, including seasonal bonuses and special-occasion promotions.

How can I claim a bonus reward?

Often, the player will be given a “voucher code”, “coupon code” or “promotion code” via email or simply on an on-screen display. Enter this code where appropriate when depositing at the given online casinos, and the bonus will be automatically dispensed to your account.

As for loyalty, reload and other bonuses given to regular customers, these are usually automatically deposited to an extant player account. Most casino operators will provide some sort of automated email to inform you of the increase in funds.

So what’s the catch on casino bonuses?

Obviously the online casino is not in the business of just giving away free money; if the system worked that way, a player could simply go to an online casino, register, deposit, get a bonus and then withdraw free money. Ain’t gonna happen.

In order to claim any winnings gained from a bonus, certain wagering (or “playthrough”) requirements must be met beforehand. This is usually expressed as a multiple of the sum of the given deposit plus the bonus. To give an example, if playthrough requirements are listed as “20x deposit + bonus” on a deposit of $100 plus a bonus of $100, the player would have to wager 20 times $200, or $4,000, to claim any winnings earned by playing with the bonus.

On this page, SlotsDirect presents a rundown of cash and free-play bonuses in wide or limited availability at online casinos. Though so many casinos tout so many bonus offers, SlotsDirect presents some order in categorizing everyone’s bonuses into eight distinct categories.

Who wouldn’t want something for nothing? Herein, SlotsDirect presents a bit of information about the types of bonuses available at internet casinos along with a listing of some of our approved outlets for quality online gaming.
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